Wednesday, February 25, 2015

B.Toys Baa-Baa Barn

I love and I recently posted about their Tee Pee HERE and we loved it. This post is on their Baa-Baa Barn.

This is the front of the barn and here is the backside of the barn.
As soon as I pulled it out Jaxon wanted to play with it and he had to touch everything on it. I could hardly even open up the pieces.
It comes with 2 balls for the silo, Pig, Sheep, Cow and Horse.
This has a handle on it and he loves to carry it all around the house and that is great heavy work for him since he has Sensory processing disorder. When you put the animals into the barn each one plays its own song. There is a chicken at the top on a nest and when you move the mouse back and forth the chicken jumps off of the nest and makes a noise. I love these toys and I can's wait to get my hands on more of their toys. You can find a great selection of their toys at Target stores as well.

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