Monday, February 2, 2015

AppleJack Life Lavender oil

I love my essential oils and I love trying new brands. Recently I got the chance to try out Premium Lavender Oil - 100% Pure, Therapeutic Grade, Large 4oz, Free Dropper in Amber Glass Bottle from Applejack Life. It retails for $24.50.

This bottle is huge at 4oz and it also comes with its own screw on dropper You can do so many things with Lavender oil. This oil smells great and with the size of it I will be able to do alot with it. I also share my oils and all of my DIY's with my mom and my friends and I go all crazy making things and roller balls. I will post a DIY video at the end.

Lavender oil is the most versatile of all essential oils
Premium quality product
Common uses include...
- Relieve stress, anxiety and depression
- Treat insomnia
- Freshen laundry
- Aromatheraphy
- Add to your bed and bath
- Add to your pet's bath
- Use on vacuum bags
- Scent potpourri and candles
- Add to skin cream to soothe skin
- Treat bug bites, rashes and sunburns
- Promote hair growth
- Provide headache and migraine relief
- Boost your immune system
- Reduce acne, scars and stretch marks
- Relax aching muscles

This is great and if you only start with a few oils Lavender is a must have!!


  1. Lavender oil on your pillow helps you get to sleep peacefully. I also like to use it with reed diffusers.

  2. I love lavender like to try this

  3. I love lavender like to try this