Sunday, February 22, 2015

48 Premium Chalkboard Labels by KANAS

I just got my very own craft room and office space and when I saw these labels I knew they would be perfect for all of my crafting ideas. These are from Kanas and I received their 48 Premium Chalkboard Labels and they retails for $7.99.

These are so great I already has a white chalkboard marker so i just used that for these. It comes with a rectangle, oval and 2 vintage shapes also. You can use these over and over by just wiping them off and writing on them again. Here is how I have used mine.
I can't wait to use these for all of my Christmas DIY crafts that I do. We also do alot of things in Mason jars and these are perfect for those also. The chalkboard labels range from 3-3.5 inches x 2 inches, but can easily be cut down to suit your needs. 

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