Friday, January 9, 2015

Managing Limited Mobility: Ways to Improve Your Life

Whether you’ve just started managing limited mobility or have been doing it for a long time, limited mobility can cause some short-term and long-term challenges that can be difficult to confront. Thankfully more resources and research exist than ever to help individuals process through limited mobility as well as empower them to live lives that are as independent as possible. Here are a few ways that individuals cope with and manage their limited mobility.

Massage Therapy
Massage therapy can help loosen muscle tissue, relax you, and help increase blood flow. On a mental and emotional level, it can provide a peaceful space where you are not pressured to move. Sometimes it’s helpful to have a space where you can sit quietly and think. Working with a certified massage therapist or physical therapist can bring a world of good to you and help soothe chronic pain. It can also help soothe stress and anxiety that are often brought on with the frustrations of living with limited access to the things you once did.

Mobility Devices
Modern technology has given us several beneficial inventions that can increase the independence of those with limited mobility. Adult electric scooters, travel chairs, power lift chairs, and power recliner chairs are just a few options to help those with limited mobility maintain their everyday enjoyments and investments. Check out Pride Mobility to see a full range of resources that may be helpful for you or your loved ones.

Counseling is a great opportunity for people of all experiences and walks of life. If you’re going through a sudden loss of mobility, it may be a jarring experience, even though it’s not a directly emotional experience. You may need to take some time to grieve the loss of aspects of your life you once had, and regain a sense of hope and purpose through the transition into a new way of doing things. A counselor can help you walk through the steps you need to have a healthy outlook again, as well as give you a space to grieve if necessary.

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