Monday, January 26, 2015

Double Wall Fruit Infuser Ice Beverage Water Botttle Tumbler Cup

When I drink out of a straw cup I always seem to take in more liquids. It must have something to do with drinking from a straw. I tried out come Double Wall Fruit Infuser Ice Beverage water Bottle Tumbler Cups. They come in a set of 12 and they retail for $39.99.

There are some great colors in this set. I like to keep multiple cups we each usually have at least 2 for each of us to rotate so a set of 12 is great. I love the infuser peace and you can put anything inside. I have put fruit and even cucumbers in there. I just cut them up small and it starts flavoring your water immediately. I have oranges in the cup below and I wouldn't believe how fast my water started tasting orange. I will be taking these to the beach with me and sipping on them in my lounge chair. I can picture having a great tasting tropical drink with some fruit inside YUM!
These are dishwasher top safe and they wash up great. They have a double wall insulation and they are made from a BPA free acrylic. I love these they are perfect for working out with also. These are a must have.


  1. We have been liking our new pitcher. It fruit infuser well and makes a great ice holder when you don't have anything to infuse. The plastic is a very hard clear plastic. I am afraid that if its dropped it will crack but for now it’s great. The lid is secure maybe almost too tight fitting. On occasion I have had to put my finger in the spot and pull up to loosen the lid.