Saturday, January 3, 2015

Craft Activities For Your 7 Year Old

Have your seven-year-old ever told you that he or she is bored? Probably, too many times. If you are looking to entertain your seven-year-old, then crafts are one great option you may want to consider. By providing your child with craft materials and offering a little bit of guidance, you should be able to eliminate any boredom by keeping your seven-year-old busy.
Some of the basic materials that are needed with most craft projects include the following:
1) Colored pencils or crayons
2) Child safe scissors          
3) Glue stick or glue
4) Paper, preferably multicolored construction paper
Old magazines and junk mail can be used to create interesting craft projects. Other materials that would be ideal for your seven-year-old would be recycled items like toothpaste boxes, cereal boxes, plastic containers, or cardboard packaging. Other free materials can also be found in the yard such as rocks, small sticks, wildflowers, and leaves.

Make A Collage
You can help your child decide the theme of the project. For example, your child may want to make an animal, a famous cartoon character, or food. For these types of craft projects, a lot of glue would be needed. Search cereal boxes, magazines, or newspapers for pictures relating to the theme of the project. Your child can also cut various shapes around the picture like squares or circles. This is also a great time for your seven-year-old to learn about shapes.

Popsicle Sticks
Popsicle sticks are another cute craft that you can do with your child. You can purchase Popsicle sticks by visiting your local craft store. To make it more exciting, it is recommended that you purchase the multicolored sticks. Popsicle sticks can be used to make frames for old Christmas cards. They can also be used to create various shapes and images. Your seven-year-old can add a little glue and glitter to enhance the appearance of the Popsicle sticks. Popsicle sticks are also very easy to cut with a pair of shears, and this makes them very versatile.
If you are using wooden Popsicle sticks, you can assist your child with making some amazing picket fences or a welcome sign. You will probably have to cut the wooden sticks for your child. Rather than using glue and glitter, Popsicle sticks can also be painted a variety of different colors.

Seasonal Crafts

The seasons are often a fun and enjoyable time for children. For the spring, you can add tree leaves, images of bunnies, or flowers to any craft project. You can have your seven-year-old make a bug out of stone by simply painting the stone the color of a bug. For the summer, you can have your seven-year-old create colorful pinwheels made of construction paper and pencils, or you can use seashells that were collected while visiting the beach.
For Autumn or Thanksgiving, you can have your child make turkey or pumpkin designs. Your child can also make invitations to a Thanksgiving party by decorating the cards with images of turkeys and pumpkins. For winter or Christmas, a snowman, Santa Claus, or a Christmas tree can be added to the project. A variety of material such as paper plates, fabric, tissue paper or scraps can be use when making these items.
Overall, crafts are fun. It will not only occupy your child's time, but it will also eliminate boredom. Crafts can also be used as a great learning tool to teach your seven-year-old about shapes, colors, and objects.

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