Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Stress- Free Holidays: Natural Remedies For Aches and Pains

While the holidays are an exciting and joyous time for many, some people are unable to enjoy them fully because of aches and pains caused by stress, chronic pain, or just general muscle tension. Medications are available to help with the pain, but they often just blanket the source of the problem instead of actually fixing it. Many natural remedies exist that will help you get to the source of the aches and pains, to hopefully work some of it out. Here are a few suggestions that may help you get through the holidays with reduced pain, or pain-free.

The MELT Method
The Melt Method offers a simple, proactive approach to maintaining a healthy, pain-free, active lifestyle. It is a natural self-treatment solution designed for anyone that wants to feel better, regardless of age, gender, or current activity level. Utilizing some tools and exercises, such as the Melt Method roller helps reorient your body to optimum health, no matter your age, activity level, or gender. It is a proactive approach that will help relieve pain in the long-run through restoring connective tissue and keeping you moving.

Chiropractic Care
Many chiropractors work with natural remedies and can work wonders in pain relief, especially with neck pain relief and back pain relief. If you have severe pain, you might even want to start out by combining chiropractic care with the MELT method. Consult your doctor to find out what might work best for you. Chiropractors help realign the bone structure of the body, which may be causing muscle tension if it is out of line. Combining stretches, massages, and chiropractic care can do wonders for relieving pain long-term.

Low-Impact Exercise

If you sit at a desk a considerable amount of time during the week, chances are that you could use some type of stress relief. Low-impact exercise is a great way to reduce your stress level, while being gentle on your joints. Again, if you’d like to add a little more relief into your routine, combine low-impact exercise with the MELT method. Just walking for 20 minutes a day, using an elliptical machine, or practicing some light yoga can help considerably with pain relief.

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