Sunday, December 14, 2014

Eco-Friendly Ways to Keep Your Home Safe and Sound

Typical home security methods, while effective, are incredibly energy draining. Not only do these methods use an abundance of extra electricity, in the case of old, non-energy efficient thermostats and water heaters, they are actually harmful to the environment and pose other dangerous risks.

Here are a few eco-friendly tips that can simultaneously protect both your home and the environment:

1. Home Security System
With the current trend toward eco-friendly products, security companies, such as Monitronics Security, have begun introducing more energy efficient systems. These systems are more cost-effective, as they run on less energy, and often times they are made out of either recycled materials or environmentally friendly materials.

2. Thermostat and Water Heater
Although initially costly, replacing the water heater and thermostat with energy efficient products will be worth the investment. Original thermostats and water heaters are not nearly as energy efficient as new ones. Additionally, older models are more hazardous and are often the source for electrical fires. In fact, the wiring used in these older products is not up to code, as newer technology has developed safer, more effective wiring.

 Additionally, new thermostats are programmable, which allows you to set the temperature to automatically set while you are home and away. Programming your thermostat is energy-efficient, for you can adjust the thermostat to turn on while you are home to enjoy it and turn off while away.

3. Solar Lighting and Energy Efficient Light Bulbs
Incandescent light bulbs use nearly 90 percent more energy than LED, energy efficient light bulbs. In fact, incandescent light bulbs are not sold in many home improvement stores anymore, as some states have outlawed the production and selling of them. Compact fluorescent lights are more cost-efficient, eco-friendly, and just as attractive as incandescent.

Solar lighting receives its energy from the heat and light of the sun. Making the switch to solar powered lights will save on electricity, as the lights will turn on and off automatically based on the amount of daylight outside. Not only is it energy efficient, it also gives an added layer of security. Outdoor lights tend to deter burglars, for they make it difficult for burglars to stealthily break in.  

4. Drought Scape
Planting water efficient landscape reduces your need and dependency for water. Furthermore, since typical drought scape uses small, well-manicured plants, ground covering, or bark, it is much harder for an intruder to hide within the foliage. Homes with ornate, thick landscaping are much more appealing to culprits, for the coverage it provides gives them ample time to break into windows.

5. Energy Efficient Windows
Single-paned windows are not as efficient as double-paned windows. The original windows in older homes were typically made with single-paned glass. Investing in new double-paned windows will help keep the inside of your home comfortable, allowing you to use your air conditioner or heater less.

Introducing these products into your home can help you reduce both your carbon footprint and your electric bill. 

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