Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Fun: Three Vehicles That Will Enhance Your Vacation

When we imagine vacation, many pictures come to mind – relaxing beside a beach, hiking in the mountains, reading a book by a fire – and sometimes the stereotypical pictures that come to us fail to include the unique resources that can make aspects of your vacation unforgettable. This year, think outside the box to create memories for you and your family that will last forever. Once you arrive at your vacation location, or even before you depart, consider renting or purchasing vehicles that will enhance the fun and relaxation.

Recreational vehicles have been around for decades, and what better way to relax on a vacation than by pulling a home away from home with you to many locations. RVs offer comfort, convenience, space, and protection from the elements. You can spend time away from everything, in a remote location, but still sleep comfortably and have the familiar surrounding you. Be sure to keep an eye out for RV deals and accessories that will enhance your RV experience. They truly help you slow down but also give you the freedom of being able to travel to different locations. Easily pack gear for your favorite activities – cooking, fishing, reading, crafts, or other hobbies. If it rains, no problem – just spend the day inside, listening to it fall.
Owning a new or used boat can add tons of memories to your life, and may just turn every weekend into a mini vacation. Summer evenings can be full of fun by taking the boat out after work for a sunset cruise, skiing, inner tubing, or just enjoying the water. If you own your own business or are hesitant to leave responsibilities close to home, a boat can provide the perfect vacation close to home. There’s no need to book expensive flights or hotels – you can just drive to the nearest location and find some peace and entertainment. Take your friends and family out for meaningful family gatherings, and host a picnic on the shore, offering boat rides in between. Sunset cruises relax everyone – offer drinks, play some music, and enjoy the beautiful summer evenings that will be gone far too quickly.

If you’re taking a road trip and want to add some glamour to your vacation, consider renting a classic car to add a fun twist to your time. You’ll be saved from adding lots of miles to your own car, and won’t have to take the time to thoroughly clean and repair it before departure. Driving a unique, fun car will be one of those memories you’ll never forget. Be sure to throw on some vintage clothing for at least a day and take pictures to convert into post cards or Christmas cards to send to friends and family. Take the Route 66 highway and stop along the way at lots of iconic American restaurants, stores, and sites. Stay a night at the Grand Canyon, or cruise along the Pacific Coast Highway to enjoy summer.

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