Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Eco Swim by Aqua Green

Summer is here and I am always looking for the perfect swim suit that makes me look good and feel good while I am wearing it. 

In a world with overflowing landfills and polluted oceans, the time has come to take meaningful action that reduces the burden on our planet. As a 4th generation family company, we believe that doing our part is the responsibility of mothers and fathers and of daughters and sons. In essence, we believe that our family has a responsibility to your family to reduce our environmental impact.
As important as it is to reduce, reuse, and recycle, we also believe that those looking to reduce their carbon footprint in the sand should look and feel great while doing so. Because the state of the environment affects us all on our personal level, our swimsuit designs are inspired by the latest trends coming out of European fashion houses so that each one makes the wearer feel great.

This swim suit is a great set from ECO SWIM by AQUA GREEN. I choose a black 2 piece set and I LOVE it! Here is the top.
Now the bottom.
I really like this swimsuit I did measure myself before picking a size. Their sizes seem to rub a bit smaller than I usually buy so the measurements are true to size and this suit fits great. I love the ruffles and the white on it that breaks up all of the black.
I can't believe that I am posting a pic of myself in a swim suit but here I am and I think I look great. We were getting ready to do to a pool party. It looks like a 1 piece as it skirts out. Here is the back.
You can find these suite online and locally if you check HERE. They have alot of great new suites out for every ones body type and color preference. 

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