Thursday, June 19, 2014

How to Find the Right Contact Lenses for Your Children?

Most of the parents think that contact lenses are only made for adults. Kids have no solution other than wearing their glasses.  The fact is young children can wear the lenses too. There are a variety of reasons for which kids might need lenses.

For kids, wearing glasses can sometimes be uncomfortable. They can wear contact lenses to improve their vision. Kids have the same options in lenses as the adults. Kids, who play sports, are required to wear contact lenses instead of eyeglasses.  Getting new glasses again and again will be quite expensive so contact lenses are the best option.
Finding contact lenses for kids?
Buying the right contact lenses is important.  Wearing the contact lenses has no age limit. Even babies can wear them. However, professionals recommend that the best age to start wearing contact lenses is the age between 11 and 14. The real issue for kids is not wearing contact lenses instead it is a concern that whether kids are responsible enough to carry these lenses properly or not. The decision of making your child wear contact lenses is quite crucial.
The question is how can parents buy the right contact lenses for children. Your doctor will help you to choose the right combination for your child. The doctor will evaluate the structure, tears, and visual accuracy of your child to make you choose the right pair. The doctor will guide you, which lenses will be healthy for your child.
The next thing will be to get prepared for the fitting of the contact lenses. You will have to spend some time with your kid at the practitioner’s office. The fitting procedure will be performed after your eye exam.  The doctor will check the near vision, distance vision, and will perform other tests.
The practitioner will put some drops in the eyes of your child to dilate the pupils. This will help to access the inner structure of your eyes.
After all the exams and tests, your practitioner will provide you details about the Air Optix contact lenses for your child so that you can purchase them accordingly.
Are Contact lenses the best solution or not?
Contact lenses might be a pleasing solution for people, who don’t want to wear glasses, but kids might have a different view. There are such groups of children, who feel happy to wear eyeglasses instead of wearing contacts to improve their vision. You must know what your kid wants. If he or she is not interested to get contacts, then don’t force them. Wearing contact lenses can be a great responsibility for kids. Parents will not always be around to see whether the kids are careful with the contact lenses or not. Eyeglasses on the other hand can be a reliable solution because they cannot harm the eyes of the kids or cause any kid of infection.
On the other hand, wearing contact lenses can boost self-confidence too. Your doctor can guide you better on buying contacts but you will also have to evaluate whether wearing lenses will be a decision in the best interest of your child nor not.


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