Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Balm Baby SUN! & Giveaway

I know you all have been loving the Balm Baby posts and giveaways and you will love this one as well. With summer here and the sun is out and hot I was excited to try out Balm Baby Sun. This comes in a 2oz glass jar and it retails for $9.95. 
Natural.WaterProof.SPF30• Quality, Inexpensive GIFT!• Organic & Natural, Made in Hawaii, USA
• Doubles as an awesome Mad Diaper Rash Treatment! - 
Because it contains 25% NON-nano zinc, when "prescription" diaper ointment is needed, it replaces that need with a natural alternative! (just be sure to use a liner when cloth diapering).
• Vegan
• Main ingredients come from a local Big Island Organic Farm!
• Stored in a 2oz. GLASS jar (attractive & infinitely recyclable)
We don't compromise when it comes to our ecosystem!
• (Pretty Much da BALM! Baby)

I love this stuff! The jar is just the right size and I can even keep it in my diaper bag for on the go. We spend alot of time outside gardening and riding our bikes so this will really come in handy. It rubs in as easy lotion and doesn't take alot of time to rub rub rub like some of the other ones we have tried. He must of loved the way it smelled because he was signing for more after I put it on him. So cute! Their products are not greasy or wet and they are always so smooth. I like that this product will also double as a Mad diaper rash cream for those hard to tackle rashes but make sure you use a liner or disposable diaper when using this one. 

One lucky TTGG follower will be winning a Balm Baby SUN of their own!

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  1. On my 2yr old son and 7 month old daughter!

  2. I would either give it as a gift to my dear friend who JUST had her baby girl OR I would save it for my baby girl who is due in October. :)

  3. We love to try on our two toddlers!

  4. I would use it on my daughter!

  5. I would use this on my little 18 month old daughter. And then when he's older, my little son! :)

  6. I'd use this on my face, my older son's face and my baby's whole body and probably his bum when he needed it. Perhaps even as an SPF lip gloss if the ingredients do well that way....

  7. I would use this on my grandchildren and my youngest daughter.