Monday, May 19, 2014

Do your bit for the planet by recycling plastics

Plastics have revolutionized the world around us. Wherever you’re reading this blog, you’re bound to be surrounded by the material. It’s used in laptops, PCs, phones, tablets and a host of other electronic devices. Plastics are also common in packaging, building products, medical equipment, sports and leisure items and many more goods.

Thanks to the efforts of suppliers such as AI International, it’s never been easier for companies to get hold of plastics for the production of items.

Millions of tonnes

So popular is plastic that the world’s annual consumption of the stuff has risen from around five million tonnes in the 1950s to almost 100 million tonnes today, figures provided by Waste Online suggest. Meanwhile, there are now hundreds of varieties of plastics available.

Demand for these products shows no sign of ebbing, so it’s important that we all take our responsibilities in terms of waste plastics seriously.


According to the non-profit organization Keep America Beautiful, by 2009 the US was recovering around two million tonnes of plastics through recycling. Meanwhile, the bottle recycling rate reached 2.5 billion pounds during that year. This represented over a quarter (28 percent) of all plastic bottles consumed in the country.

Also, the charity points out that in 2009, more than 855 million pounds of plastic bags and wraps were recycled across the country. This was up 31 percent compared with 2005.

In addition, the organization notes that approximately 94 percent of Americans have access to plastic bottle recycling and 40 percent of the population can recycle other types of plastic containers, such as dairy tubs and lids.

Setting a good example

There is no doubting the fact that an increasing number of plastic goods are being recycled. The upward trend recorded in 2009 has continued since and a rising number of people are switching onto the benefits of this activity.

By making sure that you recycle all the plastics you can, you can further these efforts. As well as enjoying the satisfaction that you’re doing something to help the planet, you can set a good example for your family, friends and neighbors to follow.

Especially important for kids

Being a good recycling role model is particularly important if you have kids. Youngsters often pick up habits early on that they keep for the rest of their lives.

If you show your children that recycling plastics is quick and easy, and tell them why it’s important to take a responsible approach, the chances are they will grow up to follow suit - which is great news for the environment!

Finite resources

As well as limiting environmental harm, the practice of recycling plastics is helping to conserve these important materials into the future. The world has finite resources. Therefore, to keep a supply of plastics into the future, individuals and organizations must do their bit to recycle and reuse plastic products.

If you’re not sure about the recycling options available in your area, simply do some research online. You should be able to find all the information you need.

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