Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Now that summer is here that means we will be outside all of the time. I always have alot of projects to do when it is so nice out. This year I want to finish out privacy fence on the third side. Most of the work that we do will be on us but if we need to contract out I am checking into BuildDirect reviews. I have been wanting to finish this fence for quite some time since we have dogs and they always tend to bark at our neighbors house all day long. It will be super nice when I don't have to hear their yapping. That is what happens when you have 2 small dogs. At least they are still cute.

I also want to add to our gardens. It seems like every year our raised garden beds double each time. This year I would like to have more yellow squash and zucchini. I would also like to try something new like watermelon. Expanding out garden means more projects and construction and building. We even grow vegetables and herbs in out front yard as well. Growing our own food is a great joy for us and we share our produce with our family and our neighbors. Some of the neighbors we have we even trade for items that they have grown.

Another project that I want to tackle is redoing our basement. We have a finished basement but I would like to paint all of the walls. I also want to put in new floors and redo the bathroom. In the 4 years that we have lived in this house we have redone everything upstairs and would like to perfect the basement to match. The first thing I need to go is get rid of the clutter. The toy room seems like it is now the catch all room. I really think I just have to many baby things. I could most likely care for 4 kids with all of the items that I have and I hold on to.

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