Friday, April 11, 2014

Comfort and Style: 3 Stylish Workout Options

It takes quite a bit of discipline to work out regularly, eat healthy foods, and get fit. One of the best ways to motivate yourself toward health is by treating yourself to the purchase of cute workout clothes to wear while exercising and to the gym. Name brand workout clothes can be expensive, but it’s easy to find some good options at familiar stores, such as rHYPERLINK ""ue21. Here are a few favorites to consider:

Palazzo Pants
While they may not seem like workout clothes at first, palazzo pants are one of the most comfortable garments to wear to yoga class. Their loose fit and elastic panel waistband are perfect for yoga, and many beautiful prints and colors complete a casual, carefree, yet stylish ensemble. Pair them with a spaghetti-strap tank or sports bra for maximum comfort. Once you try these for your yoga practice, you may never want to return to traditional yoga pants.

Printed Leggings
Printed lHYPERLINK ""eggings are adorable to wear both out into the world and for a workout session. The stretchy, breathable fabric works great for low impact exercise, such as Pilates, yoga, or weight training. Leggings work best with a more blousy top, so pair them with a loose-fitting T-shirt. Leggings are available in both printed and solids, so purchase a few different pairs to keep your wardrobe exciting and match your mood from day to day.

Graphic Tees
GrHYPERLINK ""aphic tees for Gals carried by rue21 are a staple item you can never have enough of. Graphic tees are fantastic for exercise, lounging, or even wearing out. Ranging from stylish to charming, the graphic tees and tanks can complete any outfit – both workout and casual daywear. Some of the whimsical prints and pictures add character to any outfit, while others are just beautifully printed and ready to don with some workout pants or even jeans while running errands. The Pug It Out Crop Tank is a unique top that encapsulates the whimsy, or the Azetec Double Scoop Tee uses an abstract pattern to capture some of the most stylish prints this season.

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