Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cate & Levi New Owl Hand Puppet

I have blogged about the cute products from Cate & Levi before and today is a super cute one! Each of their products are one of a kind and are made by using reclaimed wool. Here is the Owl Hand Puppet that I received. Each one retails for $25.00.

Whether you are looking for a one of a kind gift or an engaging toy for your kids, hand puppets make a perfect choice. For the cutest moose hand puppet in Toronto, choose Cate & Levi. Here at Cate & Levi our artisans use reclaimed wool to craft attractive unicorn hand puppets for our customers.

Each of our hand puppets is lovingly created with the goal of being as unique as the child receiving it. Owl hand puppets make a perfect choice for birthdays, Christmas or any special occasion. Our hand puppets are 100% eco-friendly. The beauty of Cate and Levi toys is that no two toys are identical, as each toy has a unique color combination. 

My little man just turned 1 and he thinks it is just so funny when we play with this puppet. It is so cute and I can see us having many fun times with this. This helps with his imagination and play skills. They have many other great products just check them out. 

Make sure you download their free Puppet Theater APP HERE.

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