Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Leisurely Vacation: Benefits of the Staycation

Many families are planning and saving for summer vacations right now, but others have had to cut back and are planning staycations this year. Depending on where you live, a staycation can be a terrific alternative to expensive travel. Since you won’t be travelling anywhere, you’ll lessen your carbon footprint and invest funds into the local economy instead of elsewhere. It’s better to enjoy time within your means instead of spending beyond your means on a fabulous vacation with a nagging sense in the back of your head that you shouldn’t be spending that money. Here are a few great ways to make a staycation truly relaxing and fun.

Get Outdoors
Enjoying your own city may be difficult with hectic work and family schedules, so a staycation is an excuse to get out and visit those places you’ve always wanted to visit. Museums, parks, lakes, rivers, and the beach are great things to enjoy. If the weather is beautiful, enjoy it by laying out in your backyard, or even pitching a tent to sleep in the backyard overnight, if your kids need more adventure. Take some time to rest and let your mind process and play. Visit a local pool or water park, read beside the lake, or do whatever suits your personality.

On Demand Movies
You don’t even need to leave your house to enjoy some fabulous rest and relaxation. TimeWarner Cable offers lots of television shows and movies that you can stream right to your television in your home. Be sure to set aside some time and check TimeWarner Cable offersBlock out time to leisurely enjoy and be entertained rather than having to think about things you’d like to be doing around the house. Pop some popcorn, lay out snacks, and cuddle up with the whole family to catch up on the latest TV shows and movies. Relax and laugh together. Stay up late. Sleep in the next morning.

Quality Time

If you don’t normally get a chance to spend time with each of your family members individually, a staycation is a great time to do so. Take your kids each on individual dates, and ask a friend to come over and babysit on another night, so you and your spouse can enjoy some time alone. Spend some quality time with yourself as well, through reading or catching up on shows. 

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