Monday, March 3, 2014

5 Ways Using Green Pool Products Can Affect the Longevity of Your Pool

Many see the backyard swimming pool as the epitome of family fun and yearly money savings as the family does not have to drive anywhere to exercise or relax. However, traditional swimming pools sap a great deal of energy from the home as they run pumps and heaters. They also require large amounts of chlorine each year to remain free from bacterial infestations. These chemicals are harmful to people’s health and to the environment. A traditional pool such as this is certainly not an environmentally friendly option for backyard fun.

However, over the past five to ten years, the number and quality of green pool products have grown exponentially. Swimming pool owners today can even retrofit an older pool with new green products, such as variable speed pumps and solar heaters. However, while many of these individuals understand the benefits of these green products to the earth, they may wonder if these products will benefit their wallets at all. Often, their main desire is that their pools last their families for many years without costly repairs.

Pool Longevity Depends on Regular Maintenance

The key to optimal pool longevity is excellent regular maintenance. Therefore, choosing green products that keep the swimming pool clean and that require very little maintenance will help a pool to last for many years. These five options easily show how using green pool products can affect the longevity of anyone’s backyard swimming pool.

Eco-friendly Chemicals Kill Bacteria

Bacteria can grow quickly in a pool that has plain water with no additives. Many people use chlorine or shock to eradicate this problem. However, these products are harsh on the skin, hair and swimsuits as well as on pets. In addition, when these harsh chemicals are released into the environment, they can kill fish and other aquatic plants. Some green options to consider include mineral-based chemicals made with ingredients that come directly from the earth.

Green Pool Vacuums Keep Pool Surfaces Clean

One of the best ways to clean a swimming pool is with a pool vacuum that can suck up dirt and debris while the pool is still filled with water. Many of these vacuums run with robotics, cleaning the side and bottom of a pool without the owner even getting wet. Keeping the pool clean this way translates into less pool pump running time, saving electricity and money.

Energy Efficient Pool Pumps Clean the Water

A pump is one of the largest mechanisms in a pool but is often forgotten because it is not easily seen. The pump forces water from the pool through a filter, first removing large debris and then smaller particles. A traditional pump uses a great deal of energy to run. However, a variable speed pump is a more energy efficient version that still keeps the water clean. A variable speed pump is the best alternative because its speed can be adjusted to determine the optimal flow rate for the pool. Lowering this flow rate can result in energy savings up to 90 percent each season as stated by the U.S. Department of Energy at

Solar Covers Save on Heat Pump Use

Heat pumps are used to the warm the pool water. Of course, the pumps require a great deal of electricity to run. A solar cover collects energy from the sunlight and transfers this heat to the water; it is a great alternative in backyards that see a good amount of sunshine throughout the day.

Saltwater Pools Require Little Maintenance

One of the greenest options for those considering installing a new pool system is the saltwater pool. Click here to see
where to buyabove-ground pools. These pools do not require much maintenance because the salt helps the water to stay clean without the use of chlorine. Although more expensive initially, a saltwater pool will cost much less over the long term because of decreased maintenance and lowered chemical costs.

There are many excellent choices for green pool products today. These products protect the health of one’s family while also protecting the earth’s precious resources. Environmentally friendly pool cleaners, pumps, filters and covers help families save money while increasing the longevity of their swimming pools. An eco-friendly, energy-efficient pool is a winning solution for everyone. 

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