Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My 2013

Now on this blog I do mostly giveaways and reviews. I always want to post fun and easy things DIY and things about our lives alot we cant talk about but I thought I would do a overview of what 2013 was like for us. Around January we decided we were going to take the leap to start the process of becoming foster parents. We didn't really know what this would all entail and if we did probably wouldn't of finished it....but that is for another post. If you are interested in that journey leave a comment below. We celebrated Brendan's 10th birthday in March I cant believe my guy is 10! 2013 is also the year that I accepted that I will never have my own baby after 7+ years of TTC and a year of failed fertility treatments. I know we are meant to have a baby and god will find a way and maybe he already has at least for a little while. We are blessed to be the temporary parents of a almost 10 month old and have since birth. In 2013 we had a great garden and had so many cucumbers that we made jars and jars of pickles. Life with a baby was unexpected in 2013 but it was the best surprise we could of asked for. Most of you know that we cloth diaper him full time and I love it. It is so easy I don't know why everyone isn't doing it. This post is just one big blah blah but was just on my mind and i really want to make this blog not only about the giveaways and reviews but I want somewhere that I can be open. Being a foster parent isn't easy and it is packed full of emotions 100% of the day good and bad.

Thanks for listening!


  1. Thank you for sharing! We have friends who adopt and foster and we think it is a beautiful blessing. How wonderful that you were able to get a little baby right from birth.

    1. We are not allowed to share any details and we are not able to adopt him at this time but are loving our time that we get with him watching and helping him grow.

  2. I love hearing stories like this... your foster baby is so blessed to be placed with loving parents like you, even if it is only temporary. :)