Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Going Green: The Benefits of E Cigarettes

Since their debut several years ago, e cigs have grown in popularity and social acceptance among smokers. Both regular smokers and social smokers have benefited with financial savings, less waste, and a more pleasant smell. For many reasons, E cigarettes have opened more social doors for smokers. Rather than having to step out for a smoke or away from friends and bystanders, you can continue meaningful conversation with the people around you while enjoying a cigarette. Here are a few other benefits to E cigarettes. 

Reducing Litter
Smokers leave tiny little cigarette butts all over the place – especially if ashtrays are nowhere to be found. As smoking has lessened in popularity, it’s more and more difficult to find an ashtray to keep the earth clean. E cigarettes eliminate the need for an ashtray, because they don’t create ashes. Since E cigs offer many uses to the consumer, you’re not constantly throwing away what you just purchased. E cigarettes require a one-time purchase of the cigarette, and periodic purchases of the solution that goes inside the cigarette. For more information on these solutions, check out www.21stcenturysmoke.com

Eliminating Smell
Traditional smoking emits a smell that may bother a lot of people, as well as filling the air with second-hand smoke. E cigarettes have a much lighter smell that you can manipulate, depending on what formula you smoke in an E cigarette. Choose one that’s pleasant to those around you, and you may make some new friends who are full of questions about E cigarettes.

Protecting Habitat

How many raging fires have started because someone carelessly discarded a cigarette during a dry season or geographical area? E cigarettes are a much better option for protecting the environment, especially if you’re enjoying the outdoors in a desert region where risk of fire is high. Though outdoor spaces can look and seem hardy, many eco-systems are particularly fragile, and fires can result in tragedy for both people and animals. E cigarettes are a safer choice for stewarding the earth well. For more information about E cigs, visit 21stcenturysmoke.com. There’s much more to know about how these fascinating little inventions can benefit you. 

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