Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Chellesations Natural Soaps

I was contacted by Monique who owns Chellesations and she asked if I was interested in trying out some of her natural soaps. I was sent 4 sample bars to try. Here is what I received.

NATURAL BODY, BATH- . Deep penetrating conditioner, natural soap bars, sugar scrub

lotion, body wash, body butter, shampoo, muscle ache gel, lip balm, laundry soap, mineral 

makeup, and more. SHIPPING SEEM HIGH????? shipping is calculated by WEIGHT and 

DIMENSIONS. Any over payment above $2 will be refunded once products ship.

They were so pretty and when I opened up the box it smelled so good. The first bat that I tried out was her Blueberry Muffin. The smell was great and it lathered up nice and went on really creamy. It didn't leave a powerful smell on my skin and it was soft even the next day.

The second bar that I tried was her Ginger Orange. I put this one in the kitchen and it really gets my hand clean especially when cooking. 

The next bar is Rose Lily Ylang Ylang. This bar is very beautiful and it has flowers on the top of the bar.It is also very moisturizing and lathers really well.

The last bar that I tried was the cucumber Green Tea. This bar has a nice clean smell and I gave it to Brendan to use since it said that it was extra mild.

She is very nice and easy to work with. Make sure to LIKE her on FACEBOOK also to see all of her new creations. 

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