Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Rebel Cloth Diapers Review & Coupon code

Now that baby is sleeping longer I am always on the hunt for a nap time diaper and one for nighttime. I found Rebel Cloth Diapers on Facebook & Etsy and she makes super cute custom fitted diapers. Here is a little info on her and about her cloth diaper store.

I am a wife and mother to three beautiful boys. We live in sunny California and love to hike, bike and geocache. Making small changes to help our environment are important to me. I try my best to be as green as possible. All Rebel-Cloth items and the materials used to create each piece are from the USA. I refuse to pay less to have it shipped from overseas. I am conscientious of the carbon footprint Rebel-Cloth leaves behind. From my 100% recycled packaging, business cards and USA manufactured tags! I know that Rebel-Cloth IS the greener way to cloth-diaper my baby and yours.
This is the super cute Pikachu diaper that I was sent. These Hybrid Fitted diapers retail for $22.00.
The front is so cute but the backside does not disappoint!
This is one of her Hybrid Fitted diapers and it has a hidden layer of fleece & a hidden sewn in zorb soaker.
I like this diaper even more that it does not have a white inside!! You can see absolutely no stains. I know you want to get to it and see how this diaper looks on.
Now for the backside.
I just love it and the fit is great. Now this is a fitted diaper so that means that you need to put a cover over it to make it waterproof. I was able to use this diaper from 9-1 with no leaks and only changed when the baby woke up. I think it would of even lasted much longer. She has some super cute prints and other types of diapers in her Etsy shop.
She is so kind that she is offering all of my readers a 15% off coupon! Use code GOINGGREEN15 expires on 12/24 get your diapers in before Christmas! Hop on over to her etsy store HERE.

Here is my open boxing video I did as well.

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