Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bodycology Fragrance Mist

I recently tried out 2 of Bodycology's Fragrance Mists. Here are the ones I was sent.
The first one is their Pure White Gardenia. Here is the scent description on their web site.

The rich, floral scent of fresh gardenias promotes love, peace and good spirits.

The other is their Enchanted Forest and it has shimmer in it. Here is their description on it.

The alluring, hypnotic blend of jasmine, nutmeg and musk will enchant your senses.

I love that these are light and I also like to give a little spritz in my hair to freshen it up. I especially like to spray the glitter one in my hair.

These are great for gifts and and I love their little gift packs that you can find. I have seen these in my local walmart as well and they have other great products. I will make sure to give these to someone on my Christmas list this holiday season.

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