Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Betty Crocker First Birthday Smash Cake

 Betty Crocker, America’s baking expert, surveyed moms and found that the most memorable part of a first birthday party is the birthday cake itself. To help make the moment extra special with a homemade touch, Betty Crocker has created a line-up of easy-to-make birthday smash cake recipes that babies can’t wait to get their hands on.

What do you remember most about your little one’s first birthday? Did you let them smash their cake or did you try to keep it clean? If you were to have another first birthday party (or maybe are already planning on celebrating another one!), which Betty Crocker smash cake would you make? If you have any pictures of your children enjoying cake during their first birthday party.
How to: Make a Smash Cake    Baking up fun when baby turns 1!

Here are Betty Crocker’s favorite first birthday smash cake recipes, perfectly-sized for baby to dig right in! 
Description: Description: Description: No. 1 Cutout Cake
No. 1 Cutout Cake – This little cake says, “I’m one!” in a big way. Add your own twist to the toppings, including bits of fruit, crackers, sprinkles, cereal and more. 
Description: Description: Description: Peas & Carrots Smash Cake
Peas & Carrots Smash Cake If you’re looking to sneak some fruits and veggies into baby’s first sweet treat, this round smash cake is your best bet.
Description: Description: Description: Polka Dot Smash Cake
Polka Dot Smash Cake – Encourage your budding artist to create a messy masterpiece with this two-layered, three-inch round smash cake. The red confetti polka dots and turquoise-frosted cake will create swirls of color.
Description: Description: Description: Sprinkles Smash Cake
Sprinkles Smash Cake Transform baby’s favorite toy into an edible creation. All you need is a No. 1 cut-out template and sprinkles for a cute contrast.
Description: Description: Description: Striped Mini Smash Cake
Striped Mini Smash Cake – Pastel frosting with bright orange stripes and polka dots make this two-layered round cake beg for baby’s attention.
Confetti Cake Stack
Confetti Cake Stack – Confetti sprinkles make this mini smash cake sweet and simple.
Description: Description: Description: Watercolor Cake
Watercolor Cake – This elegant little cake features purple and teal pastels. It’s almost too lovely to smash.
My favorite is the Confetti Cake Stack. Our baby is only 6 months right now but I am planning on making that one for his first birthday. Want more info on Betty Crocker recipies Click HERE. Please comment below and let me know if you had a smash cake for your babies first birthday. Follow them on FACEBOOK
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