Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Aubrey Organics Natural Sun SPF 30 Unscented

All the same skin protecting power of Aubrey's SPF 30 sunscreen lotion, with the convenience of a spray bottle for easy application. Absorbs quickly without the greasy residue of drugstore brands. Water-resistant for a full 40 minutes of swimming and perspiring. This all natural mineral sunscreen provides broad spectrum protection, antioxidant protection against the drying effects of the elements.

I tried out Aubrey Organics Natural Sun SPF 30 Unscented it retails for $15.95.
Key Ingredients

Zinc oxide 11% titanium dioxide 6.3%- These active ingredients form a protective layer on top of the skin that blocks and reflects the sun's harmful rays. Found in nature, these minerals are among the 17 ingredients approved for sun protection by the FDA.

Organic Shea Butter- An intensive moisturizer that's high in essential fatty acids to nourish the skin. Replenishes and revitalizes dry, sun-exposed skin and helps restore the skin's moisture balance.

Moringa Oleifera- An intense moisturizer that improves skin texture. Replenishes and revitalizes skin to help improve skin tone, complexion and radiance.

Baobab Oil- A rich source of vitamin D, baobab oil is ideal to help treat dry and damaged skin and is known to soften, restrictive and improve elasticity with a quick absorption composition.

Visit their website to order and for more information HERE.

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