Thursday, July 25, 2013

Smart Snugs Simple Snug Ai2 & Giveaway

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I love cloth diapers and trying out new ones. I was excited when Smart Snugs asked me to try out their newest diaper

. I tried out their Simple Snug Ai2 and 6 layer bamboo with cotton with gussets and the 6 layer charcoal bamboo with gussets.

The SimpleSnug™ all-in-two was designed to create a simple and versatile cloth diaper solution for busy parents!

With this diaper, there is no need to grab a whole new diaper every time you need to change your baby, simply replace your insert and reuse your cover! This system makes it easy to be out and about with your cloth diapers (less bulk in your bag!) and makes changes a snap!

Use with any of our FIVE insert options to create a customized cloth diaper solution for your family.

-Double gussets prevent leaks and provide a great fit. They also keep your insert in place.
-Super soft moisture-wicking microfleece pockets in the front and back of the diaper keep insert in place and keep baby try around the stomach and back.
-Use with any of our FIVE insert options! Inserts are available in stay-dry and feel damp designs to fit your specific needs.
-Waterproof-backed inserts keep the cover dry and allow for multiple uses of the cover between changes.
-No stuffing, simply press your insert into the cover, put the diaper on your baby, and go!
-Waterproof PUL cover prevents leaks.
-Our adjustable rise system allows this diaper to fit babies from 8 to 35 pounds.
-Overlapping and adjustable waist snaps allow a customized fit.
-Hip snaps ensure a secure fit around your baby's legs and prevent "wing droop".

I really love the inserts they so nice.

Use with our all-in-two OR pocket diaper! This versatile insert is designed to be silky soft while soaking up tons of liquid!
All new insert gussets provide a precise fit while concealing liquids!

-Gussets shape the insert to create a natural fit on your baby while concealing liquids.
-Extra large size provides unbeatable protection. You won't find another insert like this!
-Two layers of bamboo cotton soak up liquids while preventing odors and bacteria. 3 more layers of microfiber soak up liquids.
-Bottom layer of waterproof PUL keeps liquid concealed and allows you to re-use your cover.
-Use in your Smart Snugs all-in-two diaper, or with any Smart Snugs pocket diaper. This insert can be used inside your pocket diaper, or on top of the fleece if you wish to reuse your cover and just switch out inserts!

Why so many layers?
Each layer has a very specific function!

Layer 1 & 4:
Bamboo cotton: An extremely absorbent material that also fights odors and bacteria. Designed to absorb liquids and keep them inside while trapping odors.

Layers 2, 3, and 4:
Microfiber: Absorbs liquid quickly and keeps it inside.

Layer 6: Waterproof PUL: Keeps all the liquid inside the insert, to protect your diaper cover. Allows you to re-use your all-in-two diaper cover OR pocket diaper if this insert is placed on top of the fleece instead of in the pocket!
Tech Specs
100% Bamboo Cotton Layers (2). 

100% Polyester base microfiber layers (3).
100% Polyester PUL layer (1)
Here is the diaper in action.
We cant forget the backside shot too!
Baby is 11 lbs in this pic and it is on the tightest setting. I love the double gussets and the inserts fit in so nice and we did not have any leaks. Some of my inserts turned pink so I would wash this cover first by itself.

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