Sunday, July 14, 2013

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Peppy Parents is a online store and they have many different things including strollers and diaper bags. I choose to review their 4Moms Cleanwater infant bath tub. I love 4Moms products and I was very excited to try the bath tub out. I have seen a lot of videos on it and I am glad to try it out for myself. Here is how the box looks.
Here is all of the pieces come in the box. They packed the box very well and it was not damaged in the shipping process like most of my packages are.

4Moms is an innovative company that looks for what can really benefit parents and new babies.

The Cleanwater tub has a continuous freshwater flow design - with a temperature gauge to avoid burns or chills - that lets dirty and soapy water drain out while rinsing your baby's delicate skin with clean water. Use the Cleanwater tub from birth to 6 months.
  • Color-coded digital thermometer makes it easy to set the perfect temperature for baby’s sensitive skin
  • Cleanwater Reservoir holds fresh water for rinsing
  • Rinse cup included
  • Fits most single and double basin sinks

  • I would recommend this for a little bit older babies. Mine is 3 months and he can not hold up his body and he was leaning a lot in the tub and the water was near his ears. We have to be careful where we position it in our sink when I first tired it I had it to close to the front and when I added him in the water rose a lot and started to come out of the drain hole and it went all over the floor. So make sure it is set to drain the sink.

    Ordering from Preppy Parents was so easy and any purchase over $49 ships free. This came from UPS and It came so quick! Their customer service is great and they respond to emails very fast. They have some super cute diaper bags that are on my list since it seems that I am a diaper bag collector.

    You can sign up for a baby registry on their website as well.

    You can also follow them on FACEBOOK.

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