Friday, July 5, 2013

Nuby Contour Bath Seat

We bathe baby about every other day and we like to use our kitchen sink to make him higher up. .Nuby has a great Nuby Contour Bath Set and it fits great. I choose the white color since we have a boy but could have a little girl at any time.
The Nûby™ Contour Bath Seat is the perfect solution for bath time with your little one. It's natural contours cradle your baby's body safely and comfortably. It features a durable plastic construction that is easy to clean and suction cups on the base to keep it securely fasted to the bottom of your sink or bathtub.
Natural contours cradle your baby safely and comfortably. He loves to take a bath and splash the water all around. The Nuby seat holds him up just perfectly and we are only using this tub now.
You can purchase this Bath Seat at BuyBabyDirect.



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