Friday, July 19, 2013

Crunchy Momma Love Teething Pad and Cloth Pad

Now that we have a baby I have always wanted to baby wear and I do. Now that he is 3 months and moving a lot better I really wanted to try the teething pads for the carrier. I found a great mom she is the owner of Crunchy Momma Love and she made me a set quickly and we have been using them ever since. She also added a cloth pad that she makes here is what I tried.
The cloth pad was a nice surprise when I opened the package and how did she know that I LOVE owls? It is made out of 4 layers of flannel in the base of the pad and the outer is two layers. Here is the top.
And the back.
She has many fabric choices to choose from. For the teething pads I choose these.
They are very nice and the sewing is great. I really love the pattern. Here is how they look on your carrier. It is made with a cotton exterior and a denser, more absorbent cotton interior. Yes even dads wear babies and my husband loves it.
He uses them and they are always wet. At 3 months it seems like he has to be teething everything he touches gets slimed. Here is the price list of everything that she makes.
Teething pads                                                                     $10
Teething pads with tags                                                      $10    
Regular sized menstrual pads                                             $10 or 3/$25
Liner sized menstrual pads                                                 $7 or 3/$17.50
Overnight sized menstrual pads                                         $13 or 3/$32.75
Postpartum menstrual pads                                                $14 or 3/$35
Small wet bag for menstrual pads                                       $5
Large wet bag for menstrual pads                                       $
Family cloth                                                                        $1/wipe or 20/$10
Baby wipes                                                                          $0.50 wipe or 20/$5
Bibs                                                                                    $3
Wet bags for diapers                                                          $12
Snack sized cloth waterproof lined bags                             $4 or 3/$10
Sandwich sized cloth waterproof lined bags                       $10 or 3/$25
Large sized cloth waterproof lined bags                              $16 or 3/$40.50
Cloth lunch sacks                                                                $15
Waterproof lined cloth lunch sacks                                      $20
Breast pads                                                                         $5/pair

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