Friday, June 14, 2013

The Squishable Baby Custom Wool

Squishable Baby has all of your wearable wool needs for your baby. Here is a little bit about her from her website.

Hey!  I’m Lisa – the owner, operator, resident dyer and sewer, CEO, CFO, Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant, President, Head Honcho, Accountant, payroll clerk, mail room clerk and everything else you can imagine!
Many people ask how I came up with the name Squishable Baby.  Well, it’s because I have 3 very cute and sweet squishes in my life – Two sons (8 years old and 7 months) and one baby girl (4 years old).  They are my all and my everything.  Heavenly Father certainly blessed me with these three kiddos.  They drive me crazy and give me complete joy – at the same time.  How is that possible, you ask?
No clue.
Here, in my part of the internet, I blog – I dye – I sew – and I sell – and not necessarily in that order.  I care about the strength of the American family – so you will see me blogging about  relationship strengthening ideas, family togetherness activities, eco friendly tips, Squishable Baby softness, homeschooling, Natural parenting stuff, faith, and a whole lot about kids…kids…kids…and more kids.  I love to talk about how to keep kids safe and in school doing the right thing!
When I’m not blogging, I’m dyeing.  When I’m not dyeing, I’m sewing.  Yep.  I hand dye and sew Merino wool and bamboo pants for babies.  They are fun, soft and squishy pants that they can rough and tumble play in – or go out at night and be fancy in!  The fibers are certainly sustainable – and durable!  Perfect for environmentally cautious busy body squishes.

I tried out three different wool products here is what I received.
These are a pair of shorties, and two soakers. They are so soft and the fabric is really nice. Here is one of the soakers on. Her products are made with Merino wool. The Soakers are made with extra layer of Merino wool in the wetzone. The soakers are called The Sonnet Soakers and  this one is in Sapphire Blue.

The backside shot.
Now the shorties are called The Arlo. Felted Merino wool upper and lower, the Arlo shorties give ultimate protection against wetness when treated with lanolin.

We can't forget a backside shot of these. I love them!
To get these waterproof you need to treat them with lanolin. It is easy to do and you can do a few pairs at a time. These are great and I will continue to use these. I like the colors and they are so affordable.

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