Sunday, June 30, 2013

DaVinci Gourmet Flavored Syrups

I can not start my day without coffee and I also love the flavored ones. I tried out DaVinci Gourmet flavored syrups. I tried out 5 of their flavored syrups cherry, chocolate, caramel, vanilla and hazelnut.
No one compares to DaVinci Gourmet®. With over 60 classic flavors, all made from pure cane sugar, it’s no wonder why our customers tell us we’re the best. Specially formulated not to curdle milk and to hold up well under heat, DaVinci Gourmet Classic syrups are perfect for virtually any application: espresso–based drinks, brewed coffee and tea, granitas, smoothies, Italian sodas, desserts and more.

For the cherry this is the perfect addition to my favorite mixed drink Amaretto sour YUM!
For the chocolate Brendan has been adding this to his milk and he LOVES it!
I love adding the caramel to all of my coffee flavors adding just that little extra something.
I also love adding the vanilla to everything especially the vanilla flavor coffee giving it more vanilla power.
The hazelnut I use in Danny's coffee to make him something different and he really likes it.

I also see these a lot in my local gas station when I am getting coffee on the go. They have great flavor with low calories and they have many different varieties of them with their new naturals and zero calorie ones. I have the zero calorie Kahlua one and it is also great. They make fruit flavored ones that are perfect to add into your teas and other mixed drinks.

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