Thursday, May 30, 2013

Labella Baskets Precious Petals Deluxe Basket

LaBella Baskets has a basket for anyone in your family and for all occasions. Today I will show you a beautiful new baby basket that is just gorgeous. This is their Precious Petals Deluxe Basket in teal and it retails for $199.99 it comes in pink, blue, and teal. When I opened the box I was amazed at the size of this basket and the first thing I noticed was the beautiful Moses Basket. Here is how it looked in the packaging.

You will see how huge and nice the basket is later when I post the pic of the baby in it. This basket has everything you will need for the perfect gift. Here is everything that is included in this basket.

42" fabric lined washable moses carrier,
12" plush baby elephant,
3 baby onesies,
3 sets baby booties,
3 baby beanies,
3 baby washcloths,
2 fleece baby receiving blankets,
Baby tooth keepsake holder,
Baby first curl keepsake holder,
Baby Footprints kit,
New Tree baby kit,
Baby announcement plaque,
Baby Lullaby Cd,
baby brush and comb set,
baby manicure set, baby q-tips in an acrylic box.
Gift measures 42" long, 19" wide and 15: tall and weighs 11 pounds.

The moses basket is very nice. It comes with  a pillow and blanket it is also lined all the way around.
It is roomy and the baby fits nice inside it.
It is sturdy and easy to pick up and carry around. This basket is wonderful. They also carry other baby baskets at different price points.

Comment below what do you love about the basket or what basket is your favorite?

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