Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Cleaning & Organizing

During the winter time at my house we all tend ot be a bit lazy. We hoard things and we are just more messier. My favorite time is when Spring hits and the weather changes. I love having the windows opened and so do my cats. With the windows open and weather nice I get into cleaning mode with all of the extra items that we have collected over the year.

I make a pile of things we need and another pile of things I want to sell or donate. When I am ready to part with our Cd's, music of games i look at Music Magpie.  I usually have a really big bag of things that we just donate to our local thrift store. We usually do not have just trash laying around mostly clothing and household items that we just no longer use anymore. Any paper we have laying around I shread it and we use it in our composter.

The whole family gets involved in this and we go room by room cleaning and decluttering. It feels really good when we are purged of items and we are not so jam packed and it makes room for all of the items that we will be collecting this year.

After the inside is finished its time to go outside and tackle the yard. We have garden beds in the back and we have to get those clean and organized for planting. We actually just built 3 more beds this week. We love having a clean area to grow our food and we love to do it as a family.

We just gave away a wooden swingset that we no longer need to a family. That really made our yard look more open and clean. We also cut a large dead tree down last week so we could build our garden beds and we cut it just in time but that is another post.

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