Monday, April 8, 2013

School Of Wash Handmade Body Butter Candy Frosting

I love bath products and so does my son Brendan. I was excited to try out a product from School of Wash. We choose their Body Butter in the scent Candy Frosting.
They have whipped their creamy, dreamy SOW Handmade Body Butter to ease intensely dry skin. Other lotions contain mineral oil, which can be harsh on sensitive skin. SOW only uses a high concentration of soothing gentle, moisture-rich coconut oil. This decadent body butter is safe on sensitive, and indulging for all skin types. This lotion does not contain mineral oil. Paraben-free and no added colors.

We choose their Candy Frosting scent and here is the description of it. A candy confectioner's dream, the aroma of creamy cupcake frosting highlights the scent of fluffy pink cotton candy. Juicy strawberry, sweet-tart raspberry and sugary plum scents with a touch of vanilla and a sprinkle of sugar crystals.

Wow is all I can say we love it so much I want to taste it. It works great on Brendan for his hands he has severe eczema and it works perfectly. They have products for the whole family even the kids and don't forget your pets they like to smell nice too. They have great prices on their body products and I definitely recommend them. Just don't eat them.

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  1. I am so interested how this body butter smells like. How much is that by the way?