Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nuby™ Whale Pail

Bath time is always fun with the right bath toys but what do you use to clean up and store your toys? Well Nuby's Whale pail of course!

I absolutely love the coloring and design not to mention it is the perfect size.

Make bath time easier and more enjoyable with the Nuby™ Whale Pail Whale Pail! After bath time fun is over, Nuby™ Whale Pail makes cleaning quick and easy. Watch your baby giggle with delight as you scoop your favorite Nuby™ Whale Pail bath time toys into the whale's tummy. The pail has a special drain holes built-in allowing excess water to easily drain away from the toys and quickly air dry. Equipped with easy installation wall hooks, Nuby™ Whale Pail keeps bath time toys neatly on the bathroom wall.
I just love it!

This item can be purchased at Buy Buy Baby and Bed Bath and Beyond.

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