Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nûby™ Teething blanket

Nuby carries a wide variety of toys and today I am sharing with you their Teething Blanket.

The Nûby™ Teething blanket is designed to comfort and soothe your toddler through the teething process. The multiple teething surfaces on each corner allow your baby to chew and cut their first teeth, relieving sore and sensitive gums. The blanket crinkles and squeaks with a gentle squeeze of the soft fun characters and helps stimulate your baby’s senses and imagination.

I love the frog in the middle and I also love that all 4 corners have teethers on it. It also had tags on it as well. It is bright and colorful and the frog head squeaks. The bottom green section crinkles. I really like it and it is a great price at $6.99. You can get this in three other characters bear, lion, and monkey.

You can find this item in stores at Buybabydirect, amazon, Walmart, and Bealls.

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