Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Neko Flies Cat Toys

Logo of neko flies - It's SWAT cats love!
If you read my blog you know that we have 5 cats and I love them all. They are so active and very playful and we were all excited to try out Neko Flies.

Here is a little bit about the company.
Nekochan Enterprises Inc. specializes in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of unique, high quality pet products.
Ellen (a multiple cat owner herself) was dissatisfied with toys available in the cat marketplace, decided to create a toy that would measure up to her and her cats particular needs.
After confiding with her four trusty feline advisors Nekochan, Chiquita, Timmy and Bubba (see them on the back of every Neko Flies rod toy box) for their valuable opinions on what they wanted in their play toys.
She started the creative process in 2007 to design a unique line of interactive cat toys and formed her company Nekochan Enterprises Inc. The company is named after her mother's Abyssinian cat "Nekochan" (neko means cat in Japanese) representing the best qualities of Nekochan the cat and her cultural heritage. Our initial product line Neko Flies (Interactive Fitness Series) is tailored to fit the needs of all kitty cats and their owners.
The Interactive Fitness Series is purrrfect for home use, when you want your kitty cat running and jumping during playtime.

  • Realistic looking critters with life-like movements
  • Appealing to a cat’s natural hunting instinct
  • Quality hand crafted workmanship
  • Durability and Safety
  • Fun interactive bonding experiences
  • Exercise
We received 2 of their new toys to try out. This one is their kattipede cat toy with rod which retails for $18.00.
Comes with a 41" long string with a swivel clip for easy attachment to the rod.

Made from durable synthetic materials.

* neko flies kattipede is available in a rod package or as an individual toy.*

Here is the toy in action.
The next item we tried is their kittycada cat toy which retails for $11.00.

Lifelike creepy, crawly bug that flies or slithers!

They loved these and they were extra active trying to catch the bug. All 5 cats liked it and I say they give these toys 2 thumbs up!

There are other bugs that you can add on the rod to make playtime more fun.

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