Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tree Hopper Toys Match Sticks

Tree Hopper Toys
I will start out this post saying I LOVE wooden toys. I was excited t have the opportunity to review one of Tree Hopper Toys wooden items. I was sent their Match Sticks Zoo Animals set which retails for $19.99.

MATCH STACKS™ are fun and educational, so the kids in your life will love putting their brains to work!

Each set comes with 16 wooden discs with 8 sweet designs, each with a twin. To start, flip them all upside down and mix them up. Now all you have to do is start matching!

Encourage kids and guide them through play to strengthen their memory, vocabulary, spatial skills, verbal abilities, and simple logic. There are currently five versions of MATCH STACKS™, all of which are interchangeable, allowing you to combine multiple sets for added difficulty.

 This is how they look on both sides and we really like them. Brendan loved playing the matching game when he was little and this would of been so great to have. They also sell other wooden toys such as yoyo's, Jalopies, and personalized signs.

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