Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Saving Memories Forever review & app

Saving Memories is a computer program that helps you save memories of family members. Let me tell you how it works and I will show you some of its features.
Watch our free How-To-Video (See link below).
* Register on our system. Before you do anything you must register
on Saving Memories Forever. You can register on your smartphone
or on your computer.
* To register on your iPhone or Android phone, first
download the free Saving Memories Forever app. Then
open the app and sign up as a New User.
* To register on your computer, use the Sign Up button on the
top right corner of the Saving Memories Forever Home Page.
* Use our online manuals and guides. Click on the links below.
Best Method: Saving Memories Forever Smartphone Apps: The iPhone and Android apps lead you through the recording process and provide you with a list of questions which are helpful when interviewing relatives. When finished with the recording, press the Upload Button and your story will upload to the Saving Memories Forever website. See the Quick Start Guide for the iPhone and Android apps below.
Alternate Method: Saving Memories Forever Website
* To record and upload stories directly from your computer, your
stories need to be recorded in an MP3 format. Please refer to our
Quick Start Guide listed below.
* Use Saving Memories Forever Online User Manual which goes
beyond the basics to describe the features of the program in detail.
Please refer to our User Manual listed below.
* Use our list of questions. See the Suggested Questions links
below. These questions match those we have provided on the
Saving Memories Forever smartphone apps. Using these questions
ensures that you will follow the organizational practices that
Saving Memories Forever recommends. Don't worry, you can
always ask your own questions when recording.

The text on the page provides you with links to suggested questions. Click on the link and
select the question you want to ask. Below is a sample from the three-page list of
categories and questions.
Childhood (0-12)
Describe your mother and father.
What did you want to be when you grew up?
Tell me about your pets.
Teenage Years (13-19)
What was a typical school day?
Describe your best friends.
What was it like to learn to drive?

It asks alot of great questions and you can download the app for free on a IPhone or Android. Then you just log in and you can take it with you and voice record your family and loved ones. If you can't interview your loved one in person that you can always do it over the phone, through Skype or etc.  The app is also great for preserving memories of the ones that are no longer with us. You can interview people about what they remember about people from the past in order to preserve those memories since you can no longer interview them yourself. This is called creating a virtual relative. It doesn't beat the real thing, for sure, but it does provide some insights.

I have used the IPhone app alot for interviewing family members at birthday parties and then I add them the computer program. I love having both so I do not have to drag my laptop around with me. It is great for building your family tree but in real time voice recordings. It is really easy to use and if fun for the whole family and I like to get my son involved.

Disclosure: “I participated in a campaign on behalf of for Saving Memories Forever. A free trial and promotional items have been provided in exchange for my review. Regardless all opinions are my own."

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