Monday, February 4, 2013

Remodeling Our Office

When we bought our house we knew it had alot of great space and would be needing alot of updates everywhere. We started upstairs room by room remodeling everything from the bathroom, kitchen and all of the bedrooms. We tiled the kitchen floor by ourselves and we really love it. We also took out two windows that were in the kitchen and replaced them with sliding glass doors. It makes the whole room look amazing.

Now the basement is another story. Since the whole upstairs is now finished we want to get started on the basement and the first room we want to tackle is the office. It needed so many things we just started all over.

With my husband owning his own painting company we wanted the space to be very open with alot of storage. So really the first thing we was looking for is the perfect desk. We searched everywhere and looked at many different desks. We settled on a L shaped desk and it works perfectly in our space. It also has alot of drawers so that he can organize his clients folders and all of the bills and tax forms. We also bought a new printer since it was costing so much to get ink refills for our old one. The new one we selected only costs half the price. It also is compatible with our Ipads for easy printing.

Next we added full wall shelving that goes all across all 4 walls so that we can store our books. Since I am a book collector as well as Danny is they are already filled. Brendan also has been reading like crazy.

Now that the office is finished its just one more room on our checklist of finished. It feels so good to complete a project. Next on our list is the garage and that is just a complete mess.

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  1. What is the best printer you use for your office. Can you recommend me some good pieces?