Friday, February 1, 2013

Pourty the potty that pours Review & Giveaway US ONLY

Trying to potty train can be a big job and stressful as well. So in your time of need you need a great potty chair. I want to introduce you to the Pourty potty chair it retails for $14.95.

When emptying a conventional potty chair you have to pour the pee and/or poo over the area where the child sits and pee dribbles down the side of the potty and can go everywhere. We found that really annoying when potty training our first two children and so we have come up with a very simple but effective solution - the Pourty potty. We are now potty training our third child with the Pourty potty and it works fantastically.

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You can pour the poo and pee through the duct out of the back of the Pourty potty away from where your toddler sits or touches with no messy dribbles. Simply clean by refilling the Pourty potty with water and dumping it out of the back of the potty again. The Pourty is a one piece potty which makes it easy to clean and more hygienic as there are no little nooks and crannies where germs can fester.

The Pourty potty is slightly higher than most one piece potties and has a large and wide seating area which is comfortable to sit on for boys and girls. With some potties the narrow seating area can be uncomfortable and leave a red ring around your child's tush when they stand up. Click here for further information on the size of the Pourty.

The two sides of the back rest of the Pourty potty offer ample support to your child if they do lean back and are shaped for maximum comfort. The Pourty potty's splash guard is higher than on a lot of potties to help prevent any unwanted spillage, especially when boys are using the potty.

The Pourty potty is made out of a sturdier plastic than most normal potties. This helps give the child confidence when sitting on the potty and also means that there is less risk that the potty will stick to their tush when they stand up (which can have unfortunate and messy consequences).

The Pourty was designed by parents Jonnie and Lucy Rathbone and is made in England and in China.
Some signs that your child might be ready for potty training are:-

  • being interested in you going to the bathroom and asking questions about it;
  • telling you when they have done a poo or a pee in their diaper;
  • sitting on the potty (which means it can be a good idea to have one around before your child is ready);
  • telling you that they need to go before they do, giving you time to put them on the potty; and
  • being able to pull down their own trousers and underpants (and pull them back up again would be a bonus).
Here is their video.
Its just that easy. One lucky TTGG follower will be winning a Pourty of their own.  
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