Thursday, February 14, 2013

Loving WAHM's Week: A Lambs Tail Review & Giveaway

Today's WAHM is Jennifer she operates A Lambs Tail on facebook. Here is some info about her and her store. I have been knitting recreationally for about 20 years. Recently, I had my first baby and fell in love with cloth diapers. Crazily, I was unaware of wool’s role in cloth diapering until very recently, and once I found out the details of how awesome wool is (and despite its reputation it is also shockingly easy to use and care for!), it seemed natural to marry the two. My husband grew up in a household that was/is intimately familiar with wool-his mom ran a business where she took wool from fleece to yarn. My husband did (and still can do) the spinning part of that business. So I guess you could say wool has always been a part of our family-and now it’s part of our baby’s sweet little tushy!

I was sent a hand knitted wool diaper cover which is SUPER cute!
This is made of raving wool.
She knew I loved owls so she added a applique on the bum for me.  She can do longies, shorties, skirties, overalls-you name it, I’ll do it. Her store has some premade items which are already priced, but many of my orders so far have been custom. 

One of the major barriers I see with wool is that it can be VERY pricey! My goal is to create pieces that are reasonably priced, beautiful, and very functional. I usually use roving, which is sheep’s wool that has been carded and dyed, but not spun.
This works GREAT for diaper cover/absorption purposes because the fibers fill in the “holes” that are left when you use typical yarn to knit or crochet a cover. I can also vary the thickness-we could do a thin cover for daytime that will easily fit under clothing, or a super thick cover to leak proof your heavy wetter at night! Despite the fact that I usually use roving, I am more than happy to knit up wool yarn you may already have, or if you strongly prefer yarn, I will absolutely do it. I make your garments to your measurements (I will walk you through how to take them).

I got a size 0-3 month size for Ella. She takes measurements and will customize to your child's size. Here is the wool cover in action.
Isn't she just so cute! Here is the butt shot.
I LOVE this cover and I can't wait to get a pair of longies. She is really quick and made these in a day! I used this over a newborn fitted diaper and it worked great. Make sure to follow her BLOG to read about caring for your wool and how to wash and lanolize them.

One lucky TTGG follower will be winning a Wool Diaper cover of their own. You can add a applique to your winning cover for $2.50.

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I received this item for review purposes. My opinions are honest and I was not paid for this review.


  1. I would love a green and white soaker - same colors as the cute romper she just posted on Facebook!

  2. I like the purple and teal soaker!
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  3. I like the dark green with brown trim.

  4. I love the red/deeper red/black/brown! Beautiful!

  5. I would choose green or blue for my little guy

    amanda s
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  6. The teal or camo!

    Brittany S on rafflecopter******

  7. I really like the blue with the pink flecks.