Friday, February 15, 2013

Loving WAHM's Week: Drammy Droopers Review & Giveaway

Today's WAHM is Drammy Droopers. Drammy Droopers is ran by Heather and she has a Etsy store and a Facebook Page. She sent me 3 great items to try out and I am LOVING them.

The first item I want to share with you is her Potty Pads that retail for $20.00. The one I have is a one of a kind and this fabric is not availiable in her shop at this time but it is SUPER cute.
These 18" x 26" potty pads have the same super absorbent inner material as our soakers, and will keep any carpet (if being used as a puppy pad), crib, or little ones mattress dry and comfortable. These pads are very moisture wicking as well. They can also be used as an "on the go" changing pad ( Especially to cover those probably not so sanitary public baby changing stations). Top layer is flannel, inner layer is super absorbent rayon, bottom layer is waterproof PUL.
I used this as a changing mat and it is the nicest one that I own. I can't believe that is is hand made with excellent quality of this product. You must get one of these for your little one. This would also be good while potty training and setting on your couch as well.
The next item is their Baby Crinkle Sensory Tag Toy With Ribbons and retails for $9.00.

Your little one will love this crinkle toy! The bright colors and patterns will keep those little eyes busy, the tags make it easy to grasp, and the sounds will make your little one giggle!

Top and bottom layers are high quality cotton fabric print.
Inner layer of absorbent flannel.
Inner layer of plastic for crinkle sounds.

This crinkle toy measures 6.5" x 6.5" without ribbons..
I attached this to the carseat and Ella loved it. She actually grabbed the ribbon loops and held on to it. She loved it and all of the colors that it has on it. This item is also made very well and this would be a great baby shower gift.
The last item is their Large Wet bags and they retail for $20.00.
These wet bags are my very own one of a kind design, and designed to last. The outer layer is a durable cotton fabric print, inner layer is a laminated long lasting high quality waterproof polyester PUL to keep moisture on the inside. The strap is sewn at an angle so the weight of the bag, in its natural hanging position, is carried across the entire width of the strap.

These bags can be customized to fit your needs. Please contact me if you'd like one with the size or print customized.

Drammy Droopers meet all of my expectations and then some. I have to say that by far these are the best made WAHM item that I have EVER tried. If I was rating on a scale I would give them a 10!
She makes other items as well such as cloth diapers, burp rags, cloth wipes, nursing pads, pull ups, inserts and herbals.


  1. Sounds fantastic. I'd love to win these things.

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