Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Breast Milk Baby

Ok so I know this blog post is going to get mixed feelings but please do  not leave any negative comments. This post is on The Breast milk Baby the worlds first breastfeeding baby doll. They sent me a doll to try out and here is how it looks in the box.

This is their doll Jeremiah and it retails for $89.00.
This is the BEBE GLOTON (The Breastfeeding Doll) from the series "muñecas con corazon" (dolls with a heart) by the famous doll maker Berjuan. Berjuan creates all kinds of educational dolls that resemble real life . You can visit his web site to see all the dolls he carries. So many people visit his site that it often crushes, but try later if you don't have luck the first time. This doll was created with the desire to promote breastfeeding. This year breastfeeding week was celebrated all over the world August 1 through 7 Baby wolverine also called Bebe Gloton or BV is designed to mimic breastfeeding and the idea is to educate and familiarize children with the process of breastfeeding so hopefully when they grow up they are more in tune with the process and inclined to choose breastfeeding instead of the bottle. Breastfeeding helps to strengthen the immune system preventing lots of illnesses, in the USA only a tiny fraction of the population breastfeed their babies . This doll is praised by AIJU and other European educational institutions. Breastfeeding is the natural way to care and feed your baby creating a unique bonding between mother and child Berjuan's dolls are made with quality materials in the "Valley of the toy" area of traditional craftsmanship in Spain.To activate the sucking motion, the child has to bring the doll close to the vest . The doll will also cry to indicate that it wants to be fed.

This doll is really cute and it takes batteries not included. The mouth sucks as soon as it touches the stars on the nursing top. We couldn't get it to burp so I do not know if you have to feed it for a certain amount of time but we thought this doll was really cute. It is a little pricey for our family but this doll is so popular it is sold out most of the time. Here is a video of this doll in action.
I received this item for review purposes. My opinions are honest and I was not paid for this review.

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