Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Strawlution Review

The Strawlution.

The Straw-lution Straw is a unique and problem solving concept in food and beverage consumption. The patent pending design from J.P.W Endeavors, LLC, offers a convenience no other product does. Every day, the uniquely designed Straw-lution Straw makes life easier for parents, caregivers, active adults, and consumers of all ages. The best part is that not only can the Straw-lution Straw be used with traditional beverage containers, but it also opens up an entirely new concept for snacks on-the-go, free from spoons and mess.

The Straw-lution Straws will come in a package of 12. The Straw-lution Straw is appropriate for ages nine months to 90 years and minimizes the mess associated with eating pre-packaged small cup foods, such as baby food, applesauce, and drinking pre-packaged liquids. The unique length of the Straw-lution Straw (5 inches) is perfectly suited for child-sized cups and for individual containers of yogurt, applesauce, baby food... The shorter length when compared to a typical adult straw makes it easier for children to use. The Straw-lution Straw is the perfect solution for on the go snacks!
  • BPA free
  • Made in the USA
  • Choose from four colors
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Reuse or Toss
They retail retail for $4.99 and come in a pack of 12. These are great for yogurts and in juice boxes. Here is a pic of it in use.
Here is how the straw's look out of the package.

What food and beverages work with the Straw-lution Straw?
The possibilities are endless! The Straw-lution Straw works well in restaurant cups with lids, children's cups with lids, yogurt containers, yogurt drinks, smoothies, baby food containers, juice boxes or pouches, hospital cups and containers, and many, many more! We enjoy hearing about new uses YOU found for the Straw-lution Straw! Send us your finds and ideas at
How do the anchors work?
As the Straw-lution Straw is inserted into a hole in the lid of a cup or foil top, the anchors compress, then release to a diameter larger than the hole. If the Straw-lution Straw is tugged or pulled, even if the container is lifted by the straw, the anchors help keep the straw in place and won’t let it easily come out, avoiding messy spills or lost straws. While the Straw-lution Straw can obviously be pulled out of the lid if enough force is applied, under normal conditions the Straw securely remains in place.
Who can use the Straw-lution Straw?
We recommend the Straw-lution Straw for people from 9 months to 90 years old, but those younger and older can enjoy the Straw-lution Straw too! All kidding aside, the Straw-lution Straw allows babies to feed themselves yogurt, applesauce or pureed foods without the mess and help required with spoon feeding. The Straw-lution Straw allows active adults to enjoy healthy treats such as yogurt while driving, traveling or snacking at their desk. The Straw-lution Straw allows patients in hospitals and rehab facilities a convenient way to enjoy snacks even if bed ridden or regaining their strength. The Straw-lution Straw benefits the elderly and those with unsteady hands by eliminating the need to use a spoon to eat yogurt, pudding or other foil covered soft foods.
How durable are the straws for re-use?
The Straw-lution Straw is made of polyethylene - the same material as traditional straws. The difference is that the Straw-lution Straw is 3 times thicker than traditional disposable straws, which makes it structurally stronger and more durable. It is made for re-use, is dishwasher safe, and due to a special manufacturing process, the anchor fingers should not detach under normal use and wear.
Can the Straw-lution Straw be pulled out of materials that tear, such as foil lids?
We put our most motivated mess makers to work on this one! In most cases, under normal use, the Straw-lution Straw won’t easily tear disposable lids. Of course, if a child (or adult) tries hard enough, it is possible to pull the straw through the disposable lid or cover. As with any utensil, we recommend that children be supervised when using the Straw-lution Straw to avoid this type of activity
Why can't I find Straw-lution Straws in the stores where I shop?
We want to offer our product in your local stores, but we need your help. You are our biggest champions for expansion! Simply let the store manager where you shop know that you would like to see our product in their store. We will be offering multiple opportunities for our customers to earn free product and other incentives by helping us spread the word about this revolutionary straw! We have a special section on our website to educate your local retailer about our product and how they can carry it in their store and make Straw-lution Straws convenient and easy to purchase locally. For more information regarding spreading the word and earning free product.

I received this item for review purposes. My opinions are honest and I was not paid for this review.

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