Monday, December 24, 2012

Peek a Boo™ - Rub a Cub

I love all of the Taggies products and you can see that in all of the products when I talk about them. When Brendan was little he would rub all of the words off of all of his blankets that had any tags on them. I was excited when I was sent the Peek a Boo™ - Rub a Cub.
Sensory stimulating and encouraging interactive play, this Taggies™ friend comes to life with his playful two-dimensional plush face "peeking" over the front!

Utilizing satins, ultra soft boa, detailed appliqués and embroidery, Rub-A-Cub bear features 16 signature Taggies tags, super softness and the comfort of a new, best pal! With superior snuggle-ability, it’s sure to delight and engage.

Discovering babies’ fascination with tags, Taggies™ offers the most convenient “two in one” appropriate for Baby, functioning not only as a security blanket, but also a soft stuffed animal friend! Peek-A-Boo Taggies friends come to life with their playful two-dimensional plush face “peeking” over the front of the blanket! With 17 different signature satin Taggies, The Ultra soft boa fabric, and fun colors encourage interactive play for on-the-go and provides sensory stimulation and fine motor skill development.

How cute is he!! I love all of the different colored tags that are on this. There would be no way that Brendan would of rubbed off all of this guy. Not to mention that the blankie is super soft as well. I just love him and his honey pot. This would make a great baby shower or new baby gift or a last minute stocking stuffer.

You can purchase this at  Toys R Us and more.

I received this item for review purposes. My opinions are honest and I was not paid for this review.

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