Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Carseat Sidekick Review

Don't you hate it when you have your baby in you carseat and are struggling to pull the straps to get them out..Well I have a product that will help you take baby out with ease. This is a product from Short Stack Jack and they have a new product called the Carseat SideKick.
The Carseat Sidekick™ was an invention of necessity. While taking our first child home from the hospital and laying him in his car seat, we realized there was no way to easily get the car seat straps out from underneath him, without waking him up and making him cry. Thus was born, the Carseat Sidekick™.
The Carseat Sidekick™ is not only extremely functional, it's also chic and attractive in design with a variety of colors to match your carseat. It is compatible with all major carseat brands.
Please check out our video link to watch and see how the Carseat Sidekick™ actually works!

They come in 3 different colors and retail for $17.95 each.

The Carseat Sidekick™ is so simple to use. Just attach the carseat straps to the retractable magnetic bell and it easily holds the carseat straps out of the way while you place your sweet baby into the carseat.

Here is a how to video to show you just how easy to use it is.
This product is so awesome and so easy to use. This is a must have for all moms. This would be a great baby shower gift as well.

I received this item for review purposes. My opinions are honest and I was not paid for this review.

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