Friday, November 9, 2012

PinyPon Mommyparties

I was selected to host a MommyParty by Pinypon. This is the second Mommyparty that I have been selected before and the first one was so fun that I was really excited for this one. These are the items that I was sent.
My kit included:
Pinypon Figures
2 Pinypon Caravans
Pinypon coupons
Themed games and activities
Easy to make recipes
And a bonus 2 Nenuco Newborn Dolls.

The moms have asked that I not post pics of their little girls on the Internet so I have taken pics of the products.

We played the Scavenger hunt game that was included in the kit and they all loved it and us adults really liked playing too. At the end of the night everyone got a certificate for the fall fashion show that was put on with all of the Pinypon figures. What was most exciting for the adults were the coupons that I passed out for great money savings. They were thinking Christmas with all of the fun the girls had. Most of them had never heard of Pinypon before.

Here are the Pinypon figures that I received.

The Pinypon dolls retail for about $5.00 each. Here is the Pinypon Caravan.
The Pinypon Caravan retails for $24.99.
I was also sent a bonus Nenuco Newborn Doll Makes Bubbles which retails for around $30.00
This doll is for ages 4+. When Nenuco drinks out of his bottle, he wets his diaper. Squeeze his arm and he blows bubbles! You can sit him up and bathe him. He comes with a pacifier, bottle and potty!
How cute is that!! Perfect for all of those newborn cloth diapers we have around here.
Overall this was the best Mommy party yet. I can now wait to host more!
I have some coupons left if anyone is interested in any of them. Just send me a email or find me on facebook.
I received these items from Mommyparties. My opinions are honest and I have not been paid for this review.

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