Monday, October 15, 2012

The Pink Polka Dot Boutique

Hello all this review if coming from The Pink Polka Dot Boutique on Etsy. She hand makes all of her items and alot are made to order. She makes baby booties, nursing pillows, nursing pillow cover, changing pad covers, burp cloth, blankets, bibs, wash cloths and more. I was sent 3 items for review.

First is wash cloths. You get 3 for $2.99.
These wash clothes are made with all my left over fabric scraps.
They each are approximately 5" x 5" inches.
However, the size varies a bit.
Each wash cloth may be a little different in shape but I have tried to match each set to almost the exact size and shape.
The fabric between sets varies some are made with cotton print fronts and flannel backs.
Others are made with flannel fronts and backs.
Each is made with a double stitched seam for better durability.
These are very cute and could also be used for a cloth wipe.

The next item is burp cloths I was sent 3 but each one retails for $2.49 each.
This is a Homemade Burp Cloth

It is made with 100% Cotton Print and a Flannel under siding.

The dimensions are as follows:

Approximately 7 inches wide by 20 inches long.
Each cloth varies slightly in color/pattern and dimensions.

It is made to hang over the shoulder and can also be used for other purposes.
It has a contour fit for better comfort around your neck.
These are great and just the right size. They have many fabrics to choose from and would make a great gift.
Lastly is their blankets which retail for between $8.00-$14.99.

Each blanket is double sided in fabulous quality Flannel Fabric.
It is very soft.
Machine and Dryer safe.

The dimensions are approximately:
35 inches long by 22 inches wide.
It is stitched double with a seam on both the inside and the outside all the way around.
These are a smaller size blankets perfect for on the go they come in many different patterns and perfect for anyone.
The shipping takes awhile so please order ahead of time as most items are made to order. Other than that the items are great.
 All opinions on this blog are my own and I was not paid for this review.

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