Monday, July 2, 2012

Action Baby Carrier review & Coupon Code

If you are a attachment parent then you probablry wear your baby eveywhere. This review is a great baby carrier from Action Baby Carrier.

How Action Baby Started

Action Baby Carriers did not start off as the buckle carrier that it is today. Our first product was named Active Mom Carriers and was a mei tai style (tie) baby carrier. It all started in 2006 when a few family members of our founder, Angela Alexander, were having babies. Not wanting to be typical in the purchasing of a gift, she decided to get a bit creative. She figured she could sew up a few baby carriers. The first one took 9 hours. Whew…
But, oh no, she didn’t stop there! For some crazy reason she decided to continue on and make 2 more for twins that her cousin were expecting! Getting the process down a bit she cut her time to nearly 17.5 hours. Impressive!
She was being watched by her husband. The eye of a typical math wiz, who sees systems and patterns and “time saving techniques” in every process. She tried to hold her own, but he stepped in. He got the process down to 1.5 hours- how? She still has no idea! But he did. Angela then had the brilliant idea to post a quick question on a babywearing forum- “anyone want to buy a carrier?” 35 orders over night and bam, a business!
The demand from the Active Mom Carrier fans was to move into the buckle carriers. It was protested on the manufacturing end for a while. This means webbing, buckles a different design…. But they listened, as all good companies do, and rolled out Action Baby Carriers!
Action Baby Carriers became an instant hit for several reasons. 1) It was (and still is) made in the USA. 2) The design was simple and effective. Not leaving painful red marks on the legs of babies (typical in the industry) and had an internal support system for weight displacement. 3) Cost…. Everyone wants quality and affordability. Action Baby Carriers has honored our commitment to making sure that parents can afford to carry and bond with their babies.
The idea of a little gift, turned into a question “anyone want to buy a carrier”, turned into a business- is quite beautiful! Note: It no longer takes us hours to make a carrier! :-) In making thousands, in our own factory, we have a quick and quite productive process.
We are thankful and grateful to our distributors, vendors and most of all, you, our clients, for supporting, loving and growing our brand!

I was sent their baby carrier in the Expedition print. Their carriers retail for $98.00.
I have to admit the print isnt my favorite but I love the carrier.

The Action Baby Carrier is a lightweight soft structured child carrier offering comfort and style at an affordable price. Action Baby Carriers are designed to be a great infant baby carrier as well as a great toddler baby carrier and are used for front and back carries.

  • Carriers Made in the U.S.A.
  • Simple to use sleeping hood
  • Adjustable hip belt from 28″ to 53″ with no extender belt
  • Child carrier folds into a compact size that can easily fit into a diaper bag
  • Breathable lightweight yet supportive material
  • Versatile carrier with front, and back carry position
  • Child carrier for infants to 40 pounds
  • Safety chest strap
  • Foam straps for ultimate carrier comfort
  • No inserts or attachments needed
  • Special cross strap system allows for proper support of child and parent
  • Straps can be worn backpack style or criss-cross for extreme comfort
  • Amazingly soft fabrics keeps your baby comfortable

  • I love how easy this carrier is to use and put on. They have alot of great prints to choose from. They were nice enough to offer all of my followers a coupon code for 15% off your purchase of a regular price carrier $98.00. Just use coupon code gogreen.

    I recieved this item for review purposes. My opinions are honest and I was not paid for this review.


    1. LOVE LOVE LOVE Action Baby Carriers! Super comfy, stylish and affordable- cant go wrong there! P.S. I have a Robin's Egg printed one that I would totally trade for your Expedition. That print is GORGEOUS!

      1. Can you email me pic pics of yours to